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What to Buy at The Time of Returning from Umrah Obligation?

How Ramadan Should Be Spent

No one calculates the feeling of a smile that comes at the time of receiving gifts. An Umrah is religious worship that is obliged to perform while visiting the world of Ihram. When an Umrah holder comes from Mecca, they consider buying gifts for their loved ones.

According to our beloved prophet (PBUH), the exchange of gifts is the reason for avoiding resentment.

In Islam, the tradition of giving and take the gifts comes in the tradition. Most importantly, a person who comes from Mecca, while performing the pilgrimage obligation they bring gifts for their family, relatives, and friends. In Saudi Arabia, there are many malls, shops as well as a market that is available for the convenience of a pilgrim, so they can easily buy gifts. Might be possible that you wonder what to buy as a gift? Let’s discuss a list of fundamental gifts:

1. Buy Ajwa Dates:

Every individual loves to buy dates as a gift while returning from Mecca and Medina tour. There is a brief history behind Ajwa, as it is the only tree that was planted by our beloved prophet (PBUH). It’s our strong belief that the Ajwa dates include the blessing of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), as compared to other kinds of dates. It’s like a wonderful gift when someone considers to buy for their loved ones. /

2. Bring Zamzam Water:

Zamzam water is considered the second beautiful gate for Muslim pilgrim, just like the Ajwa dates. As the ZamZam water is considered the most miracle water that comes with a lot of benefits. People visiting Mecca for Umrah must bring Zamzam water bottles for their love ones.

3. Bring Maryam Herb:

This is a special herb that is valuable for women, many pregnant women choose to buy this herb to overcome the labor pain during delivery.

4. Bring Prophet Herbs:

This herb has many unspoken benefits for health and people consider to buy for treating disease. Basically, the Prophet but is easily found in Medina and only it is given to married people.

5. Bring Sugar Herb:

This herb is beneficial for diabetes patients. It helps to control the sugar level in the human body, also used for healing. The diabetes patient love to buy the sugar herbs.

6. Bring Different Itar:

There are many itar shops in Mecca and Medina, in which all kinds of fragrance easily found. It’s like a valuable gift for family member, friends or relatives.

Other Fundamental Items that is consider to buy as a gift:

Sum up:

Make your Saudi Arabia tour special and bring gifts for your love ones. Once you consider Eiman Travels, you can get all in one Umrah tour package without any hessle.