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Affordable Hajj Packages at Eiman Travels

We at Eiman Travels provide the finest services to the pilgrims who expect their journey to be filled with the blend of the spirituality and full of dedication. We provide a variety of Hajj packages 2024 that will match your financial budget. Now finance is no more an excuse to delay the sacred trip. Our travel consultants are ready to chalk out the best the plan for your Hajj trip.

We are the partner with famous luxury airlines to make sure you enjoy the finest hospitality in onboard the aircraft as well. We will create your itinerary from the airports of London. Although considering the airports with busiest airline schedules we ensure the best flight times which will match your criteria to takeoff for your sacred journey to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We aim to accommodate our customers according to their choices. We will take care of you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with following services.

Every year in the Hijri month of Zil Hajj, Muslims from around the globe begin their journey towards Makkah City, the city from Islam began and spread throughout the world. It is the mandatory for every muslim who is physically and financially able to perform and afford the commitment of performing Hajj. Hajj takes place in the city of Makkah, a city with great Islamic history and the birth place of Prophet Mohammad ? which makes the journey of Hajj extremely blessed because it recreates the footsteps of the Prophet Mohammad ?. The Hajj takes places in designated places in Makkah and keeps going for five days. Those days are fixed each year in view of the Islamic Hijri Calendar—Hajj should happen in its last month, Zil Hajj. This more often than not implies Hajj happens in the early pre-winter in the northern half of the globe. Hajj is the fifth Pillar of Islam and it is compulsory for everyone to perform it.

Allah SWT says in the Quran about Hajj:

Hajj was endorsed in the sixth year after migration upon the revelation of the following verse in which Allah Says:

Allah Almighty Says (what means):

The Prophet Mohammad SAW said:

Around two million Muslims from around the world come and gather in the city of Makkah and take part in a series of rituals anticipated to bring about greater humility and unity among Muslims. Hajj is also endorsed in Quran in several places.

Our representatives in Saudi Arabia will be there at airports to welcome you. Keeping your choice at first, we will arrange the latest models of vehicles including private cars, SUVs, and buses. Our competent and responsible drivers will take you to your hotel from the airport safe and sound to make sure your comfort level. We have the enormous amount of luxurious and stylish collection of Double, Triple and Quad Bedrooms hotel accommodations in the most famous international chains of hotels nearest to the premises of Holy Kaabah and Prophet’s Mosque. We also provide Non-Shifting Accommodations to the pilgrims in case they are not willing to relocate after performing hajj. Non-Shifting accommodation allows the pilgrims to stay in the same hotel in which they were staying before performing hajj. These hotels are well known for taking care of their guests to make sure that they perform their rituals without any hassle and difficulty. We have a fleet of the latest models of air-conditioned coaches to ensure you perform all the rituals of Hajj with ease and comfort of traveling in between the holy places. Our representatives in Makkah will administer the responsibility of carrying you to your destination.

Qualities of best Hajj Package 2024

Hajj is an important spiritual journey for those who are financial fits and can easily bear the cost. Since it's not an option it is a compulsory obligation because it is incorporated as a necessary commitment of Islam. It doesn't imply that you perform the Hajj duties consistently, just once in your lifetime.

It's become a troublesome task when you can't find the best service, for solving this problem Eiman Travels offers the best Hajj service, which implies all your desires. It's a fact that every Muslim want to perform the Hajj duties once in their lifetime. Exactly when a man plans for Hajj, he should need to check around each and everything like the financial remittance, time, bundling and discovering moderate.

The feature of choosing Eiman Travels for Hajj Tour Packages:

Eiman Travels give high-quality assortment because our main target is to explorers the spiritual commitment or Holy places. Meanwhile, we know the worth importance of Hajj as a result, we make the most difficult journey into simple one. Here are some feature of choosing us:

Why do you need to choose only our Hajj service?

Eiman Travels offer valuable service in a shortage of time, so you don't need to worry anymore if you are living abroad and want to perform Hajj obligations. We also provide the Hajj packages 2024 for UK holders.

We feel regarded while offering our valuable Hajj packages, which are specifically designed for our valuable clients. We give our best, so our clients never face any kind of difficulties. However, we significantly appreciate the estimation of our beloved client. We plan each and everything according to our client's requirements. So, if you want an unforgettable Hajj journey, simply contact us, you will book the journey without any issue. Our service lines are open 24/7.

Umrah packages from UK

Hajj Packages

Umrah packages from UK

Umrah Packages

Umrah packages from UK