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Terms and conditions

The Saudi tourism industry and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah have announced the introduction of two new types of visa processing in 2023, which corresponds to the 1443/44 Hijri Year. These visas will allow for the performance of the Umrah pilgrimage, among other purposes.

• The first type of visa is a tourist visa, which will have a validity of one year. During this time, visitors can stay for a maximum of 90 days. They have permission to undertake Umrah and 12 months validity with multiple entries, engage in tourism activities, and visit relatives. However, you cannot perform Hajj on this visit. You can book Umrah through the NUSUK app for Umrah, and permits for Riaz ul Jannah.

• The second type of visa is the Umrah visa, which has some restrictions. Visitors can stay for a maximum of 90 days during a single visit. This type of visa is specifically for those who want to perform Umrah.

What do you need for an Umrah Visa and what are the rules of an Umrah Visa?

• An Approved/authorized Travel Operator must fill out each Umrah application form online.
• Non-Muslim applicants should provide a certificate from a masjid or Islamic center verifying their Muslim identity.
• The application must include two recent passport-size color photographs with a white background, facing the camera frontally.
• Travelers must possess an EC/British passport that is valid for at least six months; otherwise, the Embassy may reject the Umrah Visa application.
• To process any type of visa, confirmed Hotel vouchers and airline tickets are mandatory.
• The new regulations allow women under 45 to visit without a Mahram, while children under 17 must be accompanied by their mother/father or guardian. Proof of relationship is necessary. Such as a marriage certificate for a wife or a birth certificate indicating the names of both parents for a child. The Mahram may or may not travel on the same flight as his wife and children. If traveling with other relatives, please consult your travel agent for further details.
• If a female applicant has a different last name than her Mahram, she must provide proof of their relationship, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate.
• Non-nationals applying for a visa must also provide a valid residency permit with their application
• As of now, pre-tests for COVID-19 and proof of vaccination are no longer mandatory. But the ACWY meningitis requirement remains in place.
• Only Jeddah or Madinah airports are available for passengers holding Hajj or Umrah visas to disembark and leave Saudi Arabia.
• Travelers must ensure that they comply with all general travel, airport, and airline rules and regulations. They must have these if they are not explicitly listed here. Eman Travels representatives can provide advice in this regard.
• Children under 17 are not eligible for Umrah Visa UK unless accompanied by an elder.
• Umrah Visas are solely for Umrah. Any form of employment is strictly prohibited. The Saudi authorities take a strict stance against violations, and the full extent of the country's laws will be applied.
• You cannot apply for the Umrah visa if you possess a valid visit or business visa for Saudi Arabia.

Tourist Visa & Umrah Visa Main Requirements from UK for the Year 2023 // 1443/44 Hijri

1. The use of approved vaccines is now optional.
2. An NHS Certified Vaccination Certificate is no longer necessary.
3. People of all age groups can perform the Umrah journey now.
4. There is no mandatory quarantine for holders of Umrah and Tourist visas.

Apps for Tourist Visa holders

Saudi Arabia has recently launched a new application called NUSUK, which enables individuals to obtain permits for Umrah, prayer, and Riaz ul Jannah. With this app, users are necessary to present their permit to access Masjid-ul-Haram. NUSUK replaces the previously used Tawakkalna and Eatmarna apps.

It is a recommendation that all customers obtain travel insurance for their benefit to minimize any potential losses resulting from flight cancellations, disruptions, or health concerns. They are particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our service includes non-refundable components such as hotels, flights, and Umrah visa UK costs. Therefore, we cannot refund the non-refundable portion of our service if these elements are canceled.

If you experience travel-related losses, your insurance company will provide indemnification. Although we will make every effort to recover the maximum possible cost, we are not liable for reimbursing any non-refundable portion.

Cancellations by airlines, hotels, or visa rejections by the concerned authorities do not fall under our responsibility, and we cannot be held accountable for any resulting losses.

General Terms and Conditions

The arrangement of travel and accommodation between the client and the company will be governed by English law and jurisdiction. However, any issues that may arise within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be governed by Saudi law and jurisdiction between the client and the service provider in that country.

To confirm your booking, a deposit of 50% of the Grand Total is necessary. Please note that prices are subject to availability.

Please review your tickets thoroughly upon receipt and promptly inform us of any discrepancies or omissions that you may notice. Failure to notify us of any changes or errors mentioned in the invoice may result in issues for which we cannot be held responsible. Therefore, we highly recommend that you carefully examine the invoice.

To apply for Umrah visas, we require that you provide us with your passports and two passport-sized photos at least four weeks before your departure. It is your responsibility to deliver and collect your passports from our office.

Passports should have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of departure for all types of visas. You must have a passport with at least 8 months of validity.

Applicants with non-Muslim names must provide a certificate from a masjid or Islamic center to confirm their Muslim status when applying for a visa. Additionally, women who are 45 years old or older may travel without a Mahram as part of an organized group or with family and friends.

Women who are 18 years or older and require a tourist visa can obtain approval without presenting a Mahram.

To apply for a visa, non-nationals of the country must provide a valid residency permit along with their application.

The processing period for visas at the Saudi Embassy may take up to two weeks in some instances. If passports are lost within the embassy during this time, Eman travels will not assume responsibility.

The company cannot guarantee the issuance of any type of visa under any circumstances. If there are delays or refusals in obtaining a visa from the embassy, the company will not be responsible for related expenses, including changes to flights, accommodations, and transportation.

After receiving all of your documentation, we will give you the contact numbers for Saudi Arabia as well as an emergency 24-hour UK number. They can be used exclusively in emergencies to reach Emaan Travels.

Please be aware that everything is contingent upon availability and subject to terms and conditions.
We reserve the right to decline service at any time without prior notification. We will make every effort to meet your needs and requirements if they are communicated to us at the time of booking. If we are unable to provide you with what was agreed upon, we will offer you an alternative option.

Kindly ensure that you have made arrangements for Travel Insurance.

If you cancel your Umrah Package before the issuance of flight tickets, hotel, and transport vouchers, a 50% Administration Fee per passenger will be charged on your initial deposit. The remaining 50% is refundable.

In the event of cancellation or refund after the issuance of flight tickets, hotel, and transport vouchers, we will consult with the airlines. But only at your request if the flight tickets are changeable or refundable. We will revert to you within 48 hours. The refund amount of your ticket will be according to the airline's instructions (if applicable), and an Administration Fee per passenger will be deducted. Please note that all other vouchers are non-refundable. However, we will make every effort to obtain possible refunds for hotel and transport services.

The company has the authority to offer alternative hotel options if the agreed option cannot be arranged. Additionally, we reserve the right to modify hotel prices before booking or until full payment has been made.

The customer is responsible for covering any fare differences resulting from changes to flight tickets, hotel accommodations, or transportation vouchers. If the traveler is not a British passport holder, they must provide their travel documents, biometric card, proof of residence, and proof of visa expiry.

Please adhere to the local customs and obey the laws of the host country throughout your stay. Please note that you will be solely responsible for your action. We will be unable to assist if you violate any local customs, whether knowingly or unknowingly. In case of an emergency, your support can be to the British Embassy or your travel insurance provider.

You can require any additional information or have further inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 0203 195 8700.

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