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How Ramadan Should Be Spent And How We Spend

How Ramadan Should Be Spent

Daily Routine and Holy Ramadan Routine

We all bound to technological world and almost follow the similar routine in our daily life, from morning to evening most people follow the same routine i.e. office, educational institutes, home, social surfing, extreme mobile use, TV and sleep. This cycle continue also in weekends except one change that is waking up late in the morning. The expectation for Holy Ramadan initially is to make a very strong bond with ALLAH Almighty, to follow the message and commands that ALLAH Almighty has revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the form of reciting Holy Quran and to help other peoples through zakaat or charity and becomes as good practicing Muslims but when it comes to reality a person find himself far away from the targets and expectations he made and result is disappointment.K

Holy Ramadan is a month of countless blessings but it turns into struggle-trial for many of Muslims when they fail to manage the targets and expectation they set vs. the reality that they achieve at the end of Holy Ramadan. Prior to Holy Ramadan we all set particular targets and goals but when it comes to an end it all ends on the battle between our inner demons and us.

Goals for Holy Ramadan

The goals and targets that Muslims usually set for the month of Holy Ramadan are:

  • 1. To refrain from all kind of bad habits and to control our anger and temper
  • 2. To spend most of our time in Zikar, Duas and worshipping ALLAH Almighty
  • 3. Recitation of Holy Quran
  • 4. Perform Namaz e Taraweeh with congregation in Masjid
  • 5. Minimize the use of mobile and indulge in less social networking to form a strong spiritual bond with ALLAH Almighty.
  • Now let us find that why most of the Muslims fail to achieve their set goals for Holy Ramadan and where exactly the problem lies.

    1. Controlling Our Temper


    We consider holding on our Anger and temperament in any case while fasting to ward off the Shaitan and to remain tolerable and calm so that the anger can not divert us from our actual targets and goals.


    Many Muslims totally fail in achieving this goal because we are nowadays becomes very short tempered so we easily lose our temper when any of our siblings do wrong or we start yelling on others or we come across anything that we do not like and hate the most. In order to tackle the problem we need to control our anger by involving ourselves in worshipping ALLAH Almighty or doing good deeds, another best solution for controlling temper is to perform Nawafil that will help in lowering the body temperature by doing wazu and will also evade Shaitan.

    If a Muslim wants to meet all of his expectations then they have to defeat the inner demons as they are highly and deadly destructive weapon that can spoil our all efforts. Holy Ramadan is a month of numerous blessings and we all Muslims have to observe obligatory fast with other acts of worshipping ALLAH Almighty like recitation of Holy Quran, performing namez e taraweeh and spending more and more time in zikr of ALLAH Almighty and also ask forgiveness for all the wrongdoings and sins.

    2. Zikar And Duas

    The most important goal of all Muslims is to maximum Duas and Zikar of ALLAH Almighty in this month of Holy Ramadan to seek refuge from hell fire and wrath of ALLAH Almighty on the Day of Judgment but again we all fail in doing so in the Holy month of Ramadan.


    To wake up early to perform Tahajud namaz before sehri and to also offer Salat-tu-tasbeeh and other nawafil.


    Here the reality is also far beyond this. It is now very common to stay awake till sehri, surf internet; socializing and face booking with our friends etc. We involve ourselves in these lewd activities and stay wakeup till Sahri, by this we miss our Tahajjud and half-heartedly offer our Fajr namaz. To spend moe time in Zikr of ALLAH Almighty we need to adopt strict behaviour and turn off the Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi means no wastage of time in socializing and social surfing, you will be able to sleep early after Isha namaz and wake up fresh to perform Tahajjud namaz before Sehri. This will help in creating strong bond between ALLAH Almighty and us.

    3. Recitation of Holy Quran

    As Holy Ramadan is the blessed month in which Holy Quran has revealed hence it is better to complete the recitation of Holy Quran about 2 or more times in this Holy month along with the translation to understand the meaning and teachings and gain maximum virtue out of it.


    Recite Holy Quran in the Fajr time and also whenever you find your spare time recite Holy Quran and complete it within month and if possible then complete it more than twice.


    Daily lousy and hectic routine of ours exhaust us that we find very short time to recite Holy Quran and if fortunately we get some time for the recitation, our mind is absorbed and diverted much in daily routine stuff and situations that we cannot be able to concentrate on what we are reciting and what message ALLAH Almighty is giving us in verses. Recite Holy Quran with relaxed mind and when you feel our mind and heart free from all worldly concerns.

    4. Try to abstain from all kind of wrong doings and Bad Habits

    Holy Ramadan is a blessed month that teaches us to refrain and refrain from all kind of the wrongdoings bad and negative activities and thought and to improve our attitude, behaviour, towards all members of the society and avoid indulging in worldly desire but many of us fails to abstain from wrongdoing and bad activities.


    To become a good and productive Muslim through all possible means, to avoid useless talk, gossiping and backbiting and also minor to major wrongdoings, to utilize more and more time in the recitation of Holy Quran and other acts of worship.


    Reality is that we indulge ourselves more in lewd talk, worldly activities that when this month comes it becomes hard to refute or control backbiting; spending spare time in productive and positive activities will be helpful. To attain goals a person need to avoid social interaction in this entire month of Holy Ramadan and to stay focused on their professional work and good doings. It is better to stay quiet whenever situation comes and think that we can not fall for these negative traits and tricks.

    5. Namaz e Taraweeh

    Taraweeh is the most important part of Holy Ramadan; it is performed after Isha namaz, taraweeh is a congregational namaz and it need to complete the entire Holy Quran in it.


    Muslims made Expectation to perform taraweeh namaz in congregational for perform Traweeh in entire month of Holy Ramadan with keen, zest and completely active state of mind.


    Many Muslim eats lots of food especially oily items while breaking fast in iftar and because of excessive eating at time of iftar and lack of sleep the body lagged behind, feeling heavy and drowsy due to which though they reach for Taraweeh on time but they fail to stay focused and perform taraweeh with full concentration and eventually left Taraweeh in middle. A person need to talk a complete sleep to become fresh and active and Sleep at proper intervals and should not load our stomach with too much food. Eat with this thought that it is our stomach and we should eat in limit and be merciful on it. Drink more amount of water to stay hydrated for the complete session of Namaz e Taraweeh.

    Why we fail in achieving goals

    If we scrutinize and observe our daily routine of Holy Ramadan and analyze ourselves we will get that where we are lacking and why we are fail to meet the expectations that we made before Holy Ramadan. We are in the mid of Holy Ramadan and there is a chance still of continue good to achieve goals, or else we will miss the blessings of this Holy Ramadan.

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