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Want To Travel With Your Children? Consider The 7 Tips Into Your Account

Umrah with children

Do you want to do Umrah responsibility with your children? Well, it seems the most difficult task to perform because the chance of facing hurdles may arise. But with some precautions, you can save your journey and unable to face many hurdles. Following some tips will allow you to live unforgettable moments in the Holy Land with your family. In this article, I will give you some tips that will help you do your Umrah with your family.

1. Explain The Importance Of Umrah To Your Kids:

Well, prepare the ritual of Umrah with your children is like a fun activity because you’re teaching them some Islamic activities. Explain to them the rites, the reasons why they are performed, the invocations to be formulated, etc. You must teach your children about the importance of the Umrah rituals, so they love to perform all the rites at a young age.

In this manner, there are many books and resources to explain Umrah to children. It is never too early to pass the precepts of Islam to your children. When you are in Mecca and Medina, explain to your children the history of the places you will visit. It is a recommendation, to start reading the stories of Umrah before sleep, start with the history of the Kaaba, the history of Hazrat Ibrahim (R.A).

2. Adapt Your Objectives And Formulate Your Intentions:

As you surely know, the sincere intention is the mother of all action and it is a condition of acceptance by our Lord. Doing Umrah with family is a unique experience to live at least once in your life. However, be aware, that an Umrah with a baby is not quite the same when you choose to travel without children.

Alone or as a couple, you have much more time to devote to acts of worship. Also, you have a certain freedom that you don’t have by taking your children to perform the Umrah obligation in the state of Ihram. This is why you will have to adapt your goals in terms of moments of worship and you will have to juggle between the times when you will take care of your baby or when you’re in Haram Shareef.

Rest assured, because taking care of your children is also a form of worship for which Allah will reward you. If you can't read as much Quran or say as many prayers at the mosque as you would like, don't be disappointed. Multiply the acts of worship that you can do in the presence of children such as the Zihkr or even the invocations.

3. Make Sure That You Bring Your Baby's Vaccines:

During Umrah's obligation, you will be in contact with thousands or even millions of pilgrims from all over the world. Suffice to say that the spread of viruses is spread at lightning speed. Take your precautions and check several months before departure, that your children are up to date with their vaccines. Do not forget to take their vaccination card with you.

Also, remember to take what is necessary for your travel first aid kit. Avoid providing the vaccines shortly before departure, because some babies may have a fever and other unpleasant feelings. To avoid this, do it several months before you fly to the Holy Land.

4. Change Your Baby's Diapers Before You Go To The Mosque:

The toilets are quite eccentric from the mosque and you have to wait to access it. While keeping this fact in mind, the best advice is to change your little one diaper at the hotel before going to pray. This could be a plus point when you book the nearest hotel accommodation in Masjid-e-Haram. The problem does not arise in Medina, because the hotels are numerous and very well located concerning the Prophet's mosque (PBUH).

5. Take Turns With Your Spouse:

To perform an Umrah with your baby and desire to enjoy every moment then you have to alternate the guards. Must take care of the child to let the other devote himself to his adorations during prayers, reading the Quran, zikr or Dau. When you choose to travel in groups while booking your group Umrah package thus this could be the best opportunity because, through this, some of your family members are around your children when you offer your prayer. Don’t go too far from each other, so in case of need or emergency, you can quickly help each other.

6. Respect Your Baby's Rhythm:

This advice applies especially for the Umrah holder, that don’t be in a hurry to perform the Umrah with your baby as you have plenty of time to do it. Choose a time when you feel your baby is rested and you are too to perform the rites of the Umrah.

Also, it is better advice to choose a time when there is less crowd like before the fajr prayer or after the isha because there are slightly fewer pilgrims who perform the tawaf and the temperatures are a little cooler.

7. Avoid Staying In Al Aziziyah:

Many travel agencies offer this residential area when you want to make the pilgrimage. Know that the Al Aziziyah district is far from the sacred mosque (of Haram). However, when you plan to travel with your baby, then avoid booking your accommodation in Al Aziziyah because it is too far from Haram Shareef. Simply avoid to stay there, even your agent offer attractive discount price because covering too much distance is not good when you travel with children.


I hope the above modest tips will be very useful to prepare your Umrah with your family. If you want a non-hassle tour, then connect with Eiman Travels and book your Family Umrah package today.